The Impact Factor: OCTV Live at OCSummit18

The Impact Factor: Where will tech take us this year? To the deepest corners of our minds, and out to the furthest reaches of our world. Discover the next big things, the people behind them, and the startups that are already making a big impact on our society.

1-hour live show, reporting from the 2018 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit, hosted by tech journalist Ale Bar Av.

The Impact Factor is the second of three shows, unveiling secrets about the value of strong business patents, the five Next Big Things and the Impact AI startups are making in today’s society.

Ale goes back and forth with the main stage plenaries and around the exhibition floor testing some technologies, including Vocal Zoom‘s voice recognition at Honda’s AI pavillion and a Doctor’s office from the future, while interviewing keynote speakers and VIP guests from Australia, U.S., featuring Labs02 collaboration between Motorola Solutions and Reliance Industries from India.

Showcasing how AI is going mainstream enabling the era of smart machines, the Impact Factor features CropX, creators of the internet of soil, enabling precision irrigation from a smartphone; Sight, developers of OLO, the first complete blood count system for the point of care. Disrupting the Fintech untouchable, the insurance industry,  Lemonade provides an AI crafted personalized policy, no brokers, no killer prices and activation from the smartphone.

Spotlight on the Five Next Big Things, redefining thinking about sectors to tech trends across industries: Construction goes digital featuring SiteAware,  transforming off-the-self drones into powerful construction tools. Blockchain is here to stay, including company to watch EquityX, delivering wiser investment decisions. AI and Robotics in our near future will help create jobs. 3D Printing is speeding up, featuring Nexa3D, delivering engineering parts at a fast speed, regardless of geometry; and Smart Mobility does not demote humans to the back seat, featuring Phantom Auto.

In most cases of digital health solutions, the most powerful device, is one we already own, our smartphone. Featuring OC’s Health fund Qure, including portfolio company TytoCare, enabling telemedicine in the U.S. BrainQ Technologies, helping stroke pacients to gain movement of their upper limbs.

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CLIENT: OurCrowd

PROJECT: Branding and Live Streaming on Social Media as a  Marketing Tool around the Global Investor Summit 2018.

Creative concept, writing, production, editing and Live streaming of Content

PLATFORMS: Youtube and Facebook with 4K+ Live views during the Summit in Jerusalem.


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Photo By: Holaland Media

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