The Innovation Revolution: OCTV Live at OCSummit18

Live at OCSummit18: The Innovation Revolution

1-hour live show, reporting from the 2018 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit, hosted by tech journalist Ale Bar Av.

The Innovation Revolution was the first of three shows, reviewing previous year’s highlights and uncovering the role of investors and entrepreneurs in this powerful, connected world of technology.

Ale takes the show back and forth with the Main Stage, while interviewing speakers and VIP guests such as Nir Barkat, mayor of Jerusalem, Continental and Argus Cybersecurity CEO’s discussing the future of the $430 Million acquisition, and Avi Reichental, futurist and serial entrepreneur on AI and Machine Learning sweeping across all industries.

Spotlight on smart infrastructure, featuring Iron Dome developer MPrest, repurposing military tech for electric power utilities to prevent black outs; EnVerid, a company shaping the future of energy-efficient buildings, Edgybees, visual intelligence technology applied to disaster relief with fire and police departments; and Taranis, an agtech company bringing 5mm resolution to aerial pictures to extensive farming.

Unfolding live, startups defining a new future such as Briefcam, transforming video into actionable intelligence; BioCatch partnering with Samsung for  user identity validation on smartphones; Zebra Medical Vision and Google offering the startup’s diagnostic algorithms on the cloud; Over the Air vehicle software updates by Argus CyberSecurity and Continental, and Hyperloop One’s completion of its first air run in the Nevada desert.

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CLIENT: OurCrowd

PROJECT: Branding and Live Streaming on Social Media as a  Marketing Tool around the Global Investor Summit 2018.

Creative concept, writing, production, editing and Live streaming of Content

PLATFORMS: Youtube and Facebook with 4K+ views during the Summit in Jerusalem.






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Photo By: Holaland Media

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