HOLALAND SPANISH MAGAZINE opens a window for Latin America and Spain to the latest and most innovative technologies that Israel brings to the world.
Our digital magazine for Spanish speakers redefines the conversation about Israel, focusing on the country’s vibrant diversity, its humanity, creativity, innovative spirit and resilience.
The mysterious Mediterranean culture of the Middle East just a click away from Latin Americans. The diversity of Israeli culture including unique foods, access points for art and shopping, musical projects related to Latin America, portraying ethnic or religious coexistence, and inspiring stories about Israeli culture unfold here.
How Israel, a young country of just 66 years of age, without natural resources and in a constant state of war since its founding, produces more startups than large, stable and peaceful nations such as Japan, China, India, Korea, Canada and the UK? TEC LAND showcases the Startup Nation’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, including innovative technologies in the healthcare industry, clean technologies, cybernetics, agriculture and water treatment, mobile applications, and other cutting-edge technology projects.
The dream land for Hispanic Christian pilgrims: the Holy Land that brings together the three main monotheistic religions, and which has managed, under Israeli control, to ensure that the holy city of Jerusalem remains a house of prayer for all nations. Here we show the land of the Bible through stories of religious coexistence, multidisciplinary archaeological projects and sites of biblical importance, with lots of Latin flavor.
Being a country founded by immigrants, Israel is not short of Latinos. Here we show connections between Israel and the Latino world that have had an impact on people’s lives: world congresses, workshops, international cooperation, and unique Latino-led projects in the Holy Land.
The land of milk and honey attracts the eye of Israeli and international photographers. FOTO LAND presents perspectives and artistic views on the land, people and life.
Hosted by the spicy Mexican-Israeli Ale Castellanos, HOLA LAND TV presents stories of the development of innovative technologies, religious coexistence, archeological discoveries, and Middle Eastern culture, originally filmed in Spanish from the Holy Land.
Beyond the conflict in the Middle East, HOLA LAND offers reports on how Israelis, so diverse in their origins and spiritual beliefs, innovate, improve and add value to this world. Our articles show how Israel’s efforts have contributed to advances in global health services, the environment, technology, culture and democratic values.
Within a month of its launch, HOLA LAND has attracted readers in 19 Latin American countries, including giants such as Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil, as well as Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Hispanic readers from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and various European countries have joined, such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Indonesia, India, Russia and, of course, Spain and Portugal.
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Photo By: Nir Bar Av

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