The Startup City: Live coverage

The Startup City. The last of three 1-hour live shows, reporting from the 2018 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit, hosted by tech journalist Ale Bar Av.

Jerusalem is the heart of the Startup Nation – and watch out, because it’s also the next stop for global innovation from Israel. Join us live to learn more about what’s coming up for the Startup City in the coming years. Live at #OCSummit18

Ale goes around the exhibit floor checking out the coolest tech, interviews VIP guests from China, . Featuring JUMP’s CEO Ryan Rzepecki sharing about the mobility revolution his company has been creating in the U.S and their partnership with UBER; OurCrowd CEO John Medved on how global startup companies taking on real challenges and top tier tech journalists from Tech Crunch, Venture Beat, Fast Company sharing their take on AI shaping the future of work; the crossroads of leadership and innovation; startups tackling real hard tech problems, far more deep tech than they see in Silicon Valley, and the new trend coming from Israel: Digital Health and Digital Currency.

Unveiling Jerusalem’s powerful secret: the world’s top emerging technology hub, showcasing the growth of startup in the city. Israel’s latest mobility Unicorn is Jerusalem’s Mobileye, acquired this year for record braking $15.3 Billion by Intel, in the largest acquisition of the Startup Nation, attracting the whole Mobility Intel Operation to the holy city.

Spotlight on Smart Mobility, featuring JUMP Mobility, first to develop and commercialize the station-less bike-sharing approach and India-based ZoomCar,  a self drive rental service offering best of in-car user experiences. Frontier technologies like Arbe Robotics with their 4D radar based imaging system than can integrate into any vehicle,  are empowering the fully autonomous vehicles. Flipping the coin on self-driven cars, Phantom Auto brings human back into the picture, with their human driver tele-operation. About to make history, the mobility revolution includes new means of transportation, as  Hyperloop One is performing their first test in the Nevada desert.

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 CLIENT: OurCrowd

PROJECT: Branding and Live Streaming on Social Media as a  Marketing Tool around the Global Investor Summit 2018.

Creative concept, writing, production, editing and Live streaming of Content

PLATFORMS: Youtube and Facebook with 4K+ Live views during the Summit in Jerusalem.


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