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OCNEWS: 2 min NewsCast on milestones of OurCrowd Portfolio companies and Platform’s co-investments along Tech giants.

Spotlight on Replay Technologies, acquired by Intel, Vocal Zoom‘s demonstration of their optical sensor with Honda on CES, MedAware‘s data algorithm study by Harvard, co-funding of Intuition Robotics with IRobot, and Chang Hong- Consumer Physics partnership to develop the first smartphone with a built-in molecular spectrometer.

#exit #M&A #sportstech #autonomousvehicles #robotics

CLIENT: OurCrowd

PROJECT:  Video Branding as a tool for Marketing Growth around the Global Investor Summit 2017. Creative concept, writing, production, editing.

PLATFORMS: Youtube and Facebook with 5K+ views parallel to the Summit in Jerusalem.


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Photo By: Holaland Media

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