Video Podcast Production Production and post-production of Israelintimas: Video podcast featuring four Israeli-hispanics fearlessly confronting antisemitism, dispelling pro-terror propaganda, and sharing the authentic story of Israel amid the chaos of war. Launching on Feb 2024. Video Branding and Livestream tools for Tech Conferences / VCs & tech companies Development and Execution of OCTV: Branding video concept and livestream tool around the largest Tech summit in Israel- OurCrowd Global Investor Summit

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HOLALAND helps companies launch and manage an engaged social media community of users and potential customers, assuring the company is providing a destination for the community to engage and discuss their service/product and navigate the conversation.  We do social media market analyses to define the relevant channels and platforms for every company/brand.  We design a social media strategy for the go-to-market roadmap for product/brand launching or positioning. We help transform

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We get entrepreneurs and their business, ready for the next stage:  Ready to Growth. We craft a business story toolkit so that your staff, clients and investors will turn into ambassadors of your Brand. Brand, product and digital amplification is our specialty, allowing companies to focus on what they do best, while we provide an authentic communication strategy. Ready to Growth Toolkit includes Workshop on Clarifying the Communication strategy Outsourcing

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HOLALAND SPANISH MAGAZINE opens a window for Latin America and Spain to the latest and most innovative technologies that Israel brings to the world. Our digital magazine for Spanish speakers redefines the conversation about Israel, focusing on the country’s vibrant diversity, its humanity, creativity, innovative spirit and resilience. SECTIONS CULTURA LAND The mysterious Mediterranean culture of the Middle East just a click away from Latin Americans. The diversity of Israeli culture

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HOLALAND analyzes market segments to craft a business story that clarifies the unique value of the company. We provide a communication workshop for the go-to-market road-map for product/brand launching or positioning. We help transform teams and customers into ambassadors of the brand. We get entrepreneurs and their business, ready for the next stage: Ready to Market Ready to Market Toolkit crafts a business story for funded companies including Workshop on Sales

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HOLALAND saves founding team time, by turning tech-talk into engaging business stories that relate to investors, potential partners and customers. We get entrepreneurs and their business, ready for the next stage: Ready to Funding Ready to Investor Toolkit crafts a business story for funding on early stages until series A, including Communication Strategy Workshop One Pager Investor Deck Workshop on Investor Pitch & Script Compartir esto

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